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Overview & History


Inafa' Maolek Conciliation is a conflict resolution organization on Guam dedicated to reducing violence related litigation and fostering peace and harmony in schools, workplaces, and communities through advocacy, mediation, and education.




Inafa' Maolek Conciliation is a non-profit organization on Guam dedicated to teaching and promoting conflict resolution. Inafa' Maolek was founded in 1982 by Attorneys Patrick M. Wolff, John Dierking, and Charles Troutman in an effort to foster communication between disputants so legal intervention could be avoided. After receiving training in conflict management, the small group of volunteers began mediating private and court-ordered cases.

Since then Inafa' Maolek has branched out into several areas. Aside from court and private mediations, we now conduct workshops, teach peer mediation, offer college courses, hold conferences, and numerous other activities that advance our mission of peace.

In 2000, Inafa' Maolek won the Guam Association of Social Workers' Community Service Award. Additionally, Inafa' Maolek received the 2002 Humanities Community Organization of the Year from Guam Humanities Council. The membership has also grown and derives strength from its diversity, encompassing all ages, races, and walks of life.