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Mediation is a process in which people meet in a private, confidential setting to work out a solution to their problem with the help of a neutral person (a mediator). The mediator is not a judge, does not decide who is right or wrong, and does not force the parties to reach an agreement. Instead, the mediator listens to the parties explain their concerns and helps them develop and agree upon a workable, mutually acceptable solution. Mediation through Inafa' Maolek is voluntary throughout the process and inexpensive compared to litigation and the costs of an ongoing dispute. It provides an informal climate that encourages both parties to express their concerns. More than two-thirds of the parities who cooperate in the mediation process are able to settle their differences. Inafa' Maolek provides mediation services for domestic disputes, visitation/custody disputes, and workplace disputes.

Inafa' Maolek mediators are Guam residents who are well-trained and scrutinized by our certification standards. Our pool of mediators mostly consists of lay persons and a few law trained, with experience in many professions including counseling, business, and engineering. Mediations are scheduled by our case manager at a time suitable for the parties and the mediators.



Restorative Justice aims to identify and address what harm was done and what could be done to make things right. Its framework provides a process for addressing the harms of crime, juvenile delinquency, and other offenses through communication between those harmed by a crime and those responsible for the harm. Through restorative justice, offenders are able to understand and take responsibility for the consequences of their actions. Victims of crime take an active role in the process as they are given a voice in restitution that might not otherwise be available in tradition methods of justice.

Restorative justice has higher rates of victim satisfaction than other forms of justice and result in lower rates of recidivism in offenders. Like our mediators, Inafa' Maolek's restorative justice facilitators and well trained through our intensive restorative justice training program.



Peer mediation is students helping other students to solve a problem. Trained student mediators help fellow students resolve minor conflicts by guiding them through effective communication. The results are usually positive, long-lasting, and relieve the bitter feelings that accompany conflict, unlike many of the traditional disciplinary methods used in schools.

Inafa' Maolek began conducting peer mediation trainings in 1994. This training lasts ten hours, typically spread over a two to three day period. Elementary and secondary models are available for grades 3 and up.

This training teaches students how to constructively deal with conflict through a variety of lectures, activities, and role plays. We hope that through our efforts, students learn:

  • The responsibilities of a peer mediator
  • The underlying causes of conflict
  • Guidelines for constructive conflict resolution
  • The elements of a fair resolution
  • Effective communication skills




Inafa’ Maolek utilizes trained volunteer mediators to help people resolve their disputes. The skillset required for volunteers to become mediators derives from a fifteen-hour “Basic Mediation Training (BMT),” which is offered at least once every year. The Restorative Justice course is another fifteen-house course for adult peacemakers. Like the BMT course, the restorative justice course is typically scheduled on weekend (Friday 3 PM – 7 PM), (Saturday 8 AM – 5 PM, Sunday 1 PM – 3PM).

Occasionally a graduate of either of the above courses may need a refresher training because a long gap of non-practice has undermined competence and confidence in their skillset. Such a refresher training is available based upon need. The three-hour offering reviews topics taught in the earlier trainings such as: opening statements, six-step mediation process, caucus, co-mediating, brainstorming, and writing the agreement. A lot of role playing is included in all Inafa’ Maolek courses.

Students grades 3-12 can learn “Peer Mediation” skills in participating schools island-wide. The ten-hour training is offered for elementary, middle, and high school with the high school curriculum including more sophisticated skills. Peer mediators help students resolve their differences. Peer mediation training sessions are conducted by our Young University Mediators (YUMs)-students from the University of Guam or Guam Community College.