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Mediation is a process in which people meet in a private, confidential setting to work out a solution to their problem with the help of a neutral person (a mediator). The mediator is not a judge, does not decide who is right or wrong, and does not force the parties to reach an agreement. Instead, the mediator listens to the parties explain their concerns and helps them develop and agree upon a workable, mutually acceptable solution. Mediation through Inafa' Maolek is voluntary throughout the process and inexpensive compared to litigation and the costs of an ongoing dispute. It provides an informal climate that encourages both parties to express their concerns. More than two-thirds of the parities who cooperate in the mediation process are able to settle their differences. Inafa' Maolek provides mediation services for domestic disputes, visitation/custody disputes, and workplace disputes.

Inafa' Maolek mediators are Guam residents who are well-trained and scrutinized by our certification standards. Our pool of mediators mostly consists of lay persons and a few law trained, with experience in many professions including counseling, business, and engineering. Mediations are scheduled by our case manager at a time suitable for the parties and the mediators.

2016 Mediation Training