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Peer Mediation

Peer Mediation / Yums (Young University Mediators)


Peer mediation is students helping other students to solve a problem. Trained student mediators help fellow students resolve minor conflicts by guiding them through effective communication. The results are usually positive, long-lasting, and relieve the bitter feelings that accompany conflict, unlike many of the traditional disciplinary methods used in schools.

nafa' Maolek began conducting peer mediation trainings in 1994. This training lasts ten hours, typically spread over a two to three day period. Elementary and secondary models are available for grades 3 and up.

This training teaches students how to constructively deal with conflict through a variety of lectures, activities, and role plays. We hope that through our efforts, students learn:        

  • The responsibilities of a peer mediator
  • The underlying causes of conflict
  • Guidelines for constructive conflict resolution
  • The elements of a fair resolution
  • ​Effective communication skills
2010 Simon Sanchez Peer Mediators